When traveling, it’s importaint for us to feel safe and comfortable in the place we sleep at. We aim for cheap, but aren’t couchsurfing yet. haha.


Airbnb is one of our top places we choose from. We look for location, price, cleanliness, and kitchens! By getting a place with a kitchen, we save money on eating out. By staying in someone’s house, condo, or apartment, it gives a homey feel that is wonderful when away from home.


Vacation Rental by Owner is a great website and was started before Airbnb. We consider this to be best for larger groups and the more pricey version of Airbnb. It has great options for larger houses for big groups. It has been around longer then Airbnb, so many trust it more then Airbnb, but we trust both the same.


We aren’t big hotel or resort people. We aim to stay local so we can experience the ‘real life’ vibes. It’s also tends to be a lot pricier then Airbnb or VRBO. We have stayed at a few resorts and hotels in our travels, but usually it’s because we found an outrageous deal that we couldn’t pass up.


Hotel Tonight is a wonderful app where hotels put up last minute deals because they have given up booking out at full price for the specific dates. This is wonderful for quick weekend trips or staycations. It allows you to book 3 weeks out. We have found some very expensive hotels for cheap cheap cheap!


Want to stay at a cool treehouse, go glamping or find unique campsite?! Check this site.


Do you know the general location you want to be in but don’t really care to pick your place? Hotwire will surprise you with your hotel and give you a bomb deal on top of that!