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Yosemite, CA 2017

Yosemite, CA 2017

Who doesn’t love a trip to Yosemite?! We don’t live that far and we really should go more often but since its hard to get a campsite it can be tricky! On this trip we learned that if people are willing to let you crash with them… SAY YES! Jess had a friend who had a campsite (thanks Melissa and fam!), so we crashed for a quick night in their campsite. They were so sweet to us and generous to us!

We drove up late after work on Friday and tent camped. We spent 1/2 the day on Saturday exploring the valley floor, doing a couple small waterfall hikes, and going the classic lookout of half dome. It was a glorious day in God’s creation!

We packed all our food in advance, so we never ate out. We used a Yeti cooler and things kept very cold and fresh.


Favorite things to do in Yosemite…

  1. Bridalveil Falls

  2. Lower Yosemite Falls*

  3. Mirror Lake*

  4. Valley Floor*

  5. Glacier Point

  6. Vernal Falls*

*we did these on our 1/2 day trip!

This trip, we didn’t stay too long, because it was just a stop on a road trip to Mammoth & Silver Lake! See next blog posts for details on those trips...

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Mammoth, CA 2017

Mammoth, CA 2017

Phuket, Thailand 2017

Phuket, Thailand 2017