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Phuket, Thailand 2017

Phuket, Thailand 2017

Oh Thailand, where do we even start with you? This place holds a piece of our hearts in many ways…this trip we went on a 10 day vision trip with our church to visit missionaries that our church supports. The missionaries we visited work for a non-profit called For Freedom International (FFI). To read more about who they are & what they do, click HERE.

We spent our time in Phuket, the southern island just off of Thailand. We had the privilege of hands on participating in the FFI team’s day to day ministries.

EXCURSION: Although being tourists was not the purpose of this trip, for the sake of this blog, we wanted to share what we did on our ‘free day’. We took a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands which are off the coast of Phuket. It was some of the most stunning places we’ve ever been to! We were blessed with gorgeous clear weather too. From the most vibrant teal waters we’ve ever seen, to snorkeling with massive amounts of fish, wild monkeys on the island, and exploring the islands, it was a perfect day.

We went on a tour boat that took our whole group and a few other people…lunch was included on a island along with snorkeling gear, and time to explore on one of the islands.

HOTEL: During our entire time in Phuket, we stayed at Blue Monkey Hotel, which we highly recommend it. It was perfectly clean, safe, and had a wonderful pool to cool off in. They provided a wonderful complimentary breakfast every morning along with unlimited free bottled water & snacks throughout the day. Free wifi too, which was very helpful as we did not get international cell service for this trip.

FOOD: Food in Thailand is SO cheap. Like $2 USD per meal cheap. Therefore, we mostly ate out at various local places. But for the HECKA LONG plane flight, we packed a all of our food, because airplane food is nasty. haha. Granola bars, trail mix, bananas, oranges, homemade protein cookies, and instant oatmeal. We packed it in and also used what we didn’t eat on the plane as snacks for the duration of our stay.

Yosemite, CA 2017

Yosemite, CA 2017

Maui 2017

Maui 2017