• Go where the deals are... It’s not often that we travel in the order of where we would most like to go. We actually have a list of all the places we want to visit and the priority that these places hold for each of us, when a deal for somewhere on our list comes up we snatch it!   

  • For flights, we use SkyScanner, Kayak, and Scott’s Cheap Flights. SkyScanner is awesome because you can search the for the cheapest dates and Scott’s is awesome because he finds mistake flights which usually end up being over 50% off!

  • Use credit cards for discounts… We often use the miles from our credit cards and/or our the cash back from normal everyday purchases (gas, groceries, bills) when we buy tickets. We both have the Alaska Mileage Plan (mainly for miles and their sweet BOGO deal) and the Chase Freedom Unlimited (mainly for cash back) card. If you are thinking of getting a credit card to get travel deals, be strategic about the timing. If your card requires $900 of purchases in the first 3 months to get the bonus 30,000 miles… consider getting the card before you need to make a big purchase (new tires, christmas shopping, or maybe a family member needs to make a big purchase and you can put it on your card and they can pay you back).   


  • Check out hotel tonight! Use the code JROBERT80 to get $25 off! Make sure if you are looking to book a more “luxe” hotel that you won’t be stuck with the extra resort fees and parking fees. Once we got a private cottage with an outdoor jacuzzi off of hotel tonight, it was so cool!

  • Check out hipcamp for cool camp sites, tree houses, air streams, yurts and more!

  • Try HotWire if you want a good deal but don’t mind being surprised on where you might stay! They will show you the general location and how many stars the hotel is but you don’t see the location until you pay… it's a really great way to get nice hotels for cheap!


  • BYO water bottle... incase you are flying a cheaper airline (hello WOW airlines) and they don’t offer water on the flight

  • If you’re on a long flight and worried about charging your device and using it at the same time bring bluetooth headphones

  • Download movies / tv from Netflix onto your device so you don’t have to rely on wifi

  • Pack your own food, meal prep before a trip and bring all the food in containers for our travel and flights

  • ALWAYS pack an extra change of clothes in your carry on incase your luggage gets lost… or a hurricane stops your flight from landing in florida and you get delayed

  • Travel with a headband and use it as an eye mask when you want to sleep

  • Wear layers

  • Shop and pack from home anything you might need to buy there (sunscreen, food, extra bags, snorkel stuff, floaties, etc)


  • Grocery shop when you get to your location, stay away from the resort and hotel restaurants

  • Use instagram hashtags to see what people are posting in real time...we use this to see if waterfalls are flowing before we go check them out and to see if the waters really are that blue

  • Don’t be scared of the public transportation, just make sure you have exact change… call any fancy hotel and they will tell you how much it is if google can’t help

  • When choosing where to stay, map out the places you want to explore and plan so that you are near your more important places (for one of our trips it was the grocery store and boat rental place)